Amped Up Digital, Marketing Your Business From Start to Finish and Back Again will help you create a solid marketing strategy for your business, buy back more time, and make more money.

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"This book has a unique value to it in the world of media strategy in that it does not become more obsolete from the minute of publication. This is the inherent challenge of describing what was the current media conditions and sources when written. What Kelly has done in this book should be appreciated by all company owners and marketing professionals. Rather than favoring a particular channel or digital platform, Kelly provides readers with a repeatable, thus current as the reader believes conditions have changed in their environment, step-by-step strategy and tactics model development. This is a great resource!" -- Tom Searcy
Author of "Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company" and owner of Hunt Big Sales.

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"Amped Up Digital: Marketing Your Business From Start to Finish and Back Again is a succinct exercise in how to market your business, specifically from a digital perspective. The activities at the end of each chapter help the business owner work through and build their own marketing strategy. As a university educator, I find this book a perfect supplement to my marketing course largely because of the no-nonsense way it is written. The activities lend themselves perfectly to my classroom because students can work together and with me to complete them and work toward writing a marketing plan as their final project. This book could be incorporated into any course where integrated marketing communications is a focus including those that discuss marketing, entrepreneurship, and/or startups." -- Dr. Niki Davis
Hospitality and Tourism Administration, SIU

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"I just finished your book. Loved it! Love how you explain in detail the options out there and have the exercises to make us create a ‘road map’ for our own business. I really enjoyed it and gets me motivated to be more organized with my marketing/social media plan.

Thank you!!" -- Heather Deatz, Owner/Event Manager, Baby Kid Expo, LLC