We all know that technology is everywhere. It’s in every pocket, purse, and hand that passes us on the street.

As a business owner, what if you could use that technology to reach your customers directly as they drive by your location, walk into your store, or even pick up a specific product? Using those same smartphones, you can.

The newest marketing strategy on the block is called Proximity Marketing. Through the combined use of a custom branded app for your business, geofencing (which we will get to in a second) and little transmitters called “beacons”, it is possible to send offers and messages directly to your customers when they are in close proximity to your location.

Here are the basics:

  1. A custom, branded app is developed for your business. Customers download the app in order to receive your offers, coupons, content, etc. This content can be in the form of text, image, or even video.
  2. A geofence is set up around your locations. In it’s most basic form, it is a circle drawn on Google Maps around your business address. When your app crosses in to that circle, the app displays your current marketing message to customers encouraging them to visit your store and take advantage of your offer.
  3. Inside the store, beacons are placed that can send their own messages to the app. These can be messages in “context” to where the the customer is located in the store. If they are in the bread aisle, send them a coupon for .50 off a fresh French roll as an example. The beacons can also track the customer’s movement around the store and time spent looking at different products. Again, delivering special messages based on activity.

Think this all sounds too futuristic? Well, it’s here and available now.

Proximity marketing tactics are perfect for retailers, consumer products companies, health and wellness clinics, service businesses, realtors and virtually any business that wants to offer their customers exclusive deals or branded content.

I work with my clients constantly to find better ways to reach their customers and stay engaged with them. To that end, I have developed my own proximity marketing platform that works in conjunction with the other marketing services I provide. So not only can I help your business set up a proximity campaign, but I can also help you create the messaging and content that will be delivered to your target audience.

To find out more about proximity marketing and how it can help your business grow, or to just grab a cup of coffee and catch up, contact me and let’s get a date on the calendar.